We're thrilled to announce that the Free Get Exchange Rates API has now been integrated into the currencylayer API.
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I'm using this page to track feature requests - items with a date are when the feature should be done by, no date means it'll be done at some point.

Feature Date
Add names of currencies to json response Done, see API page
Request another base currency via the JSON repsonse Done, see API page
Ability to request historical data for a particular day Done, see API page
Request a specific currency e.g. only GBP or EUR Done, see API page
Request a specific value for a currency pair (JSON)e.g. 1 USD to EUR Done, see API page
Make the showcase page look better! No date currently
Bugfix - change the currency symbol for the Albanian Lek is ALL as opposed to ALB (long story!) No date currently
Bugfix - fix it so that for the brief period of time (less than 2 seconds) when the API is updating that it continues to return the old values - this happens every 5 minutes starting on the hour. No date currently